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Part of the long-term solution to creating better welfare for our animals is Education! 

Dog Education Materials

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Social Isolation in Dogs: The Hidden Cruelty

Social isolation of dogs is one of the most prevalent forms of cruelty against dogs and yet many of the people who are guilty of this offence have no idea that they are doing it. Social isolation of dogs refers to the act of segregating a dog from social interaction with its family.

Things to Think About Before Adopting a Dog

Remember dogs are social animals. They evolved from pack animals and need to belong to a pack or “family”. Don’t let your dog live a life of isolation tied outside. 

Cat Education Materials

Cat abandonment and Over Population

Shelters across Newfoundland and Labrador struggle to deal with large populations of unwanted and abandoned cats. There are simply more cats that need homes than there are good homes.

Cat Reproduction and Over Population

One thing cats do very well is multiply. The average cat becomes sexually mature between 5-7 months of age but can mature as early as four months.

Things to Think About Before Adopting a Cat

Remember cats are domestic animals that depend on humans to provide care. Never abandon your cat to the outdoors to fend for its self. If you no longer want your cat please advertise for a new home or contact your local animal control or shelter.


This program was made possible by the financial support of the CanFel Foundation (

This program promotes:

C- Changing Attitudes

A- Creating Awareness of the number of unwanted companion animals

R- Promoting Responsible pet ownership

E- Encouraging Empathy and compassion for animals

S- Supporting animal welfare, rescues groups and their efforts in our community

Here at SPCA Baccalieu Trail, we know how important education is! That's why we jump at the opportunity to speak at schools, events or online to spread awareness of domestic animal welfare issues.

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