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Directions to the Shelter

We are not always easy to find! Here's some help!

Get in touch!


46 Gullies Road,

Spaniards Bay, NL


Mon-Sun: 9am - 4pm


We know not everyone has google maps, so here are some verbal directions to help you find our shelter! Remember you can always call us, we are happy to help!

" If you are coming from Bay Roberts, you need to pass the Titon Bingo Hall, as well as the new residential development 'Northern Pines'. Coming up on your left you will see a road called 'Gullies Road', and you will likely see our building on the hill from there! "

"If you ware coming from Harbor Grace, you should pass the Thicket, and continue on till you pass Bucky's Bar, Gullies road will be on the right-hand side just afterwards, turn down there!"

"To get to our driveway, please turn right just before the last house; we have a bright red/orange gate at the bottom of our driveway so turn there! "

DO NOT go up the hill towards our sign, many of our supports have made this mistake, it's perfectly okay if you do, it's just you will not have access to our parking lot from there!

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