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Feel-Good Stories

Many animals have come into the care of our organization over the years, here are some of our favourite stories with happy endings


Ollie came to us after being dropped off at the Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital sometime during the night. He was in pretty bad shape, and with the help of a foster home, he became a real charmer! Through his time with us, we all fell in love with his goofy nature. Today he has found two adoptive parents that absolutely adore him and we wouldn't have it any other way! Congratulations Ollie!


Brooke was a senior dog that came into us pregnant. She stayed with us while she cared for her litter and we are so glad to say that she found a loving home. She found a home when she can enjoy her golden years surrounded by lots of love and attention.  


Meet Jessie the runt of Brooke's litter. This little guy was so tiny when he was born, but he will be 5 years old on March 27th, 2021. When he born he was only 4 ounces, and he would cuddle up in the palm of your hand, now he's over 40 pounds! Not bad for a little pup who had to be bottle-fed (he was too small to compete with his siblings for milk)!


Maggie is a very active setter that came into our care several years ago. Maggie was adopted by her foster family and now lives with 3 cats (including Ranger) and another dog.  

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