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We Thank our Community

We have gotten so much support from our community, their help goes a long way!

A HUGE Thank you to Pet Valu Companions for Change program!! 

#companionsforchange @petvalu

We are so excited we were chosen to receive an Animal Transport Vehicle.  


Thank you to Pipers, Bay Roberts,  for their amazing donation of $2017.52!!  They raised this money by selling their Parent Pet Apparel.   

Thank you Safety on the Rock

Thank you to Safety on the Rock for planning and hosting the Pet Expo event in Spaniard's Bay earlier this year.  Profits from this event were donated to our emergency vet care fund!!  

Thank you Kathy & Friends!

Kathy is a huge animal lover. When she saw that we had a theft at our shelter site, Kathy had a fundraiser and raised $500 for us. Thank you, Kathy! Here is Kathy with Board Members Courtney and Lynnette.  

Edge Foundation

Thank you to the Edge Foundation for their generous donation earlier this year.  

Thank you Best Paw Forward Pet Grooming

Megan at Best Paw Forward Pet Grooming held photo shoots in October for the SPCA.  Thank you Megan,her helpers & customers for your donation of $300.   

What an Amazing Surprise....

Thank you to Hebron for their great donation to our Shelter Fund.  

Thank you to Mike for the recommendation and for coming out with his daughter for this photo op.  

Thank you Pet Valu!

Thank you to Pet Valu for all their help.  

You can often stop by and see some of our furry friends hanging out with the staff and customers.  

Pet Valu also holds a number of fundraisers and promotions for the BT SPCA.  Thank you to all the staff.  

Thank you, Butt Family!

Thank you to the Butt Family of Salmon Cove for putting a floating into their local Christmas Parade and collecting donations For the BT SPCA. 

Thank you, Nurses!

Thank you to Nursing Staff at Carbonear General 5th, 6th and 7th floors for collecting food and supplies for our animals.  

Thank you, Caden & Family!

This little CLB, Caden, decided to use the BT SPCA as his Service Project last Spring. Thank you Caden!! 

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