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When will the kittens be ready?

Our kittens are still very young and need all to be seen by the vet before they are adopted. This will take time, and we can't be sure how long this process will take.

What veterinary care do the kittens come with? 

Kittens come with:


FIV/FeLV Testing


Parasite Prevention


How much will it cost to adopt?

Cat under the age of 6 months cost $245

How can I apply for a kitten?

You can download out the pre-adoption form and fill it out in advance. However, you CANNOT send it in before the kittens are available. It will not be accepted. 

Alternatively, you can wait until they become available and a link will be provided to get a pre-adoption form then.

How are successful adopters chosen?

We thoroughly go through all our pre-adoption forms, which takes quite a lot of time. We take many factors into account and successful adopters are those who are deemed best suited for kittens are then contacted by us.

How long will it take to choose homes? 

The number of applications,  the time it takes to review them and contacting references increase the time it takes choose homes. Please be patient with us as we take this process seriously, and also have to take care of all the animals that are living at the shelter as well!

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